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How regular are the lessons?

The number of lessons per week are dependable on your preferences. The times and days will be set and agreed between the student and tutors. 

If there are any situations where you need to change the lessons to a different day, please notify us and we can make the adjustments.


What happens if my child is unable to attend the lesson on the day?

We ask for sufficient notice of at least 24 hours if your child is unable to attend the lesson. We will then arrange for a catch-up lesson within the week so that your child does not fall behind on the work. If you do not notify us within 24 hours, a cancellation fee may be applied. 


Should we notify the tutors directly if we need to cancel or rearrange a lesson?


Any lessons that you may wish to cancel or rearrange must be communicated via email to Topnotch Tuition

( There must be no rearrangement of lessons made between the tutor and parent/student.


What are the tutors like?

All our tutors have a very strong academic background and are specialised in the subjects they teach. All tutors have been vetted, and undergo a vigorous onboarding process. We do train our tutors to teach in a specific way as we believe consistency in teaching is key to a child’s success. 


How do the payment plans work and what are the charges?

Our fees depend on the level of education required. Please visit our “what we offer” section on our website. In terms of the payment plans, fees must be paid on the 1st of every month to secure the lesson days and times for the month. If your child is not available on a particular day during the month to attend their lesson, a rearranged lesson will be made within the week (or within the month) so that your child does not fall behind. 


​​What is the process of terminating lessons?

It is very rare for members to leave Topnotch Tuition. Our programs are designed to be long term. Should you wish your child to leave Topnotch Tuition after the first month of enrolment, a notice period of two months is required. Such notice must be communicated via email.

What happens if the tutors are unavailable to attend the lesson?

If tutors are unavailable to attend a lesson, they will notify Topnotch Tuition and a rearranged lesson will be made at a mutually convenient time for the student and the tutor. This will be communicated via Topnotch Tuition and we will make arrangements. 

Are the lessons one-to-one or group?

We offer both one-to-one and group lessons. 


How do you monitor the progress of the students?

Classwork and homework are all monitored and recorded onto our system. We also monitor students' understanding through their engagement and participation in the lesson. An end of unit test is provided for some subjects which allows us to assess student’s understanding of the topic and identify the key areas to focus on. 


​​Which platform do you use to conduct the lessons?

All our lessons are conducted online via our integrated learning platform. All classwork, homework, test scores are recorded on our portal.  Our learning platform is user friendly and is designed to ensure that learning is made easy, efficient and fun. 


​​As a parent/guardian, do we have visibility on what our child is learning and their progress?

Topnotch Tuition arranges regular catch-up calls to parents/guardians and provides them with an update of their child’s performance. In addition, Parents/Guardians are able to log onto our portal to see what their child has learnt in the lesson and can see their classwork, homework, test scores etc. 

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