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About Us

Founder and director of Topnotch Tuition, Vishal is an experienced professional tutor who specialises in a diverse range of subjects. He has accumulated vast knowledge in the education market and has identified common factors that contributes to students underachieving. These include:

1.     Understanding the content and theory of the subject and related topics

2.    Technique of answering examination questions

3.    Lack of structure and organisation


With these in mind, Vishal developed a specific structure whereby learning is made smarter, efficient and fun, revolutionising the way students learn.

This strategy has been embedded into the roots of Topnotch Tuition, where our key focus is on providing high quality teaching methods and inspiring our students to achieve the highest level of academic success.


All our tutors are highly educated and specialised in their fields and have been fully trained with the desired teaching skills to tutor.

Vishal Modgil (BA Hons)

Founder and Tutor 



  • National areas in the United Kingdom​

  • International areas

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