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My name is Vishal, the founder of Topnotch Tuition. My passion for teaching arose whilst I was tutoring at university, where I was able to provide valuable and insightful advice for the younger generations. An opportunity for me to be able to make a difference to society made me feel honoured. During my early years of tutoring, I came across some common problems which were:


  1. That many students did not know how to study as they lacked structure

  2. They found it difficult to understand the content and theory of the subjects and related topics

  3. ​Technique of answering examination questions


I wanted to explore these issues further and wanted to identify a way of resolving this. I set up a programme that enabled students to follow a specific structure, reducing the complexity of learning and making learning smarter and more efficient. This led me to create Topnotch Tuition. Topnotch Tuition is an online tuition company that provides high quality, one to one tuition in the following subjects:


  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • English

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • 11+

  • Computer Science

​       And Many More…

Our integrated, centralised portal allows the lessons to be conducted in an efficient way and has the tools to enable learning to be made smarter. All classwork, homework, student test scores are all recorded so that parents can monitor their child’s progress.


My intention when creating Topnotch Tuition was not only to ensure students get the best possible grade, but to help build their confidence in the subjects and also to provide them with life skills, a key skill that is not taught in schools. Being able to provide a solid baseline for them to excel is what defines change.



All our tutors are highly educated and specialised in their fields and have been fully trained with the desired teaching skills to tutor.

Vishal Modgil (BA Hons)

Founder and Tutor 



  • National areas in the United Kingdom​

  • International areas

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